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Award Management

Post Award: What We Do

  • We ensure responsible stewardship of research funding and ensure accurate and complete accounting of income and expenditures on sponsored research projects.
  • We provide advice and assistance to faculty and administrators regarding award management and compliance with sponsored guidelines.
  • We administer subawards and subcontracts.
  • We assist in the preparation and filing of specialized financial reports, backup documentation and submission of invoices.

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The Post Award Process

award management diagram

Various individuals/groups need to work together throughout the life of an award to effectively manage sponsored research awards:

  • OERA – Post-Award Office
  • Principal Investigator
  • Departmental Financial Coordinators
  • Finance Office
  • Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Research Accounting

The Post Award Office serves as the liaison between the principal investigator, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and the funding agency for administrative actions, including but not limited to:

  • No-cost extensions
  • Budget revisions
  • Grants transfers
  • Changes in key personnel

The Post Award Office also assists in the documenting of proposal cost share and handles close-out of accounts, submission of final financial report, equipment disposition, and invention reports.

More post award information is available on the Office of Sponsored Program’s website at

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Post-Award Contacts

Post-Award Contacts
Department or Unit Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone
All Kaye Fetzer 814-863-1292
Acoustics Lisa Korman 814-867-5081
Aerospace Engineering Scott Spicer 814-865-1804
Architectural Engineering Scott Spicer 814-865-1804
Biomedical Engineering Scott Spicer 814-865-1804
Chemical Engineering Lisa Korman 814-867-5081
Civil and Environmental Engineering Jaimie Garrison 814-867-4226
Computer Science and Engineering Jaimie Garrison 814-867-4226
Cost Share Kaye Fetzer 814-863-1292
Electrical Engineering Scott Spicer 814-865-1804
Engineering Science and Mechanics Jaimie Garrison 814-867-4226
Facilities Engineering Institute Scott Spicer 814-865-1804
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Jaimie Garrison 814-867-4226
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Lisa Korman 814-867-5081
Radiation Science Engineering Center Lisa Korman 814-867-5081
SEDTAPP Lisa Korman 814-867-5081
Subcontracts Debbie Boyle 814-865-1831
Betsy Grgurich 814-867-4196
Stacie Schlesinger 814-865-3393

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kaye fetzer

Kaye Fetzer
Assistant Director, Lead Post-Award
102 Hammond Building



The Office of Engineering Research Administration (OERA) serves the research administration needs of faculty and graduate students in the College of Engineering. We are responsible for direct support and assistance to faculty in proposal development, preparation and processing; grant and contract administration; and coordination of activities with University and sponsor offices.

Office of Engineering Research Administration

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