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Graduate Degree Options

For general information about graduate degree programs in the Penn State College of Engineering, please visit the Graduate Discipline Areas page on the College of Engineering’s website.

F31/F32 Proposals (F-Series NIH)

If you are submitting an F31/F32 proposal (F-Series NIH), please work with your adviser and contact our office through the Proposal Request System.

Please follow standard procedure listed on our Proposal Development page.

A few tips before submitting a proposal request:

  • The requested period of support must be within specified limits for the type of F award requested.
  • The proposed fellow is listed as the Principal Investigator on the Key Person tab. A Commons Username affiliated with PSU is required.
  • For the Sponsor and any co-sponsors, select Key Person and enter Sponsor or Co-Sponsor as the role. A Commons Username must be entered for each Sponsor/Co-Sponsor. The Sponsor MUST be listed immediately below the PI (fellow) on the Key Person tab.

If you have further questions about preparing your F-series NIH proposal or have any problems with the new system, please contact us at

Office of Engineering Research Administration
116 West College Avenue



The Office of Engineering Research Administration (OERA) serves the research administration needs of faculty and graduate students in the College of Engineering. We are responsible for direct support and assistance to faculty in proposal development, preparation and processing; grant and contract administration; and coordination of activities with University and sponsor offices.

Office of Engineering Research Administration

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